Moisturizing Olive Oil Soap Recipes

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Olive oil soap recipes are easy to make and can easily be done at home. Also known as Castile, this oil is good for maintaining soft, supple and younger looking skin.

Olive oil recipes usually mix the oil with other oils to add to its properties like making it harder with palm oil, adding creaminess with canola oil and adding bubbles and lather with coconut oil. When making olive oil soap, there is no need to use high grade oil because low grade oil makes better soap, can be better and easily processed into soap, can be purchased at your local grocery and is less expensive. The simple and basic soap recipe below is the base for all olive oil soap recipes.

Equipments needed:

Wooden or stainless steel spoons (2)
Measuring cup (plastic)
Weighing scale
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles
Kitchen thermometers (2)
Blender (hand stick kind) or beater
Stainless steel pot
Plastic pitchers (2)
Log or box soap molds
2 ¼ cups Lye
5 cups Distilled Water (do not use tap water)
20 cups Olive Oil


1. Before you begin to handle lye, be sure that you have rubber gloves and safety goggles on.

2. Pour the 5 cups of distilled water in a stainless steel pot. Slowly add the lye taking care not to spill it on any part of your skin and eyes.

3. Stir the mixture with a wooden or stainless steel spoon until the lye is dissolved. Take extra care because the mixture will get hot and will produce fumes so again be sure that you have your goggles on. You can mix it then when the fumes rises get away from the pot until the fumes disappear. Set aside to cool.

4. When the lye mixture has cooled down (test that the pot is just warm to your touch), put the olive oil in another pot and put under low heat.

5. Check if the temperature of the olive oil is at 100oF with a kitchen thermometer. Remove the pot from the heat.

6. Slowly and carefully mix the lye and water mixture with the warm oil. Stir the oil all the time with a spoon or spatula. Mix well until the lye, water and oil mixture becomes smoother. Stir for a few minutes more making sure the all the ingredients are mixed well.

7. Using a stick blender or beater alternately stir the mixture with a stainless steel spoon. Do this until the mixture gets denser and opaque, which means that trace is occurring. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes thick and its consistency is pudding-like.

8. Pour the mixture in log or box molds, close the cover and wrap in blankets.

9. When the soap has hardened, take out the soap block and cut into your desired size.

10.Keep your soap in a well ventilated area, age and cure for 4 weeks before using.

When ready for use, the soap is long lasting with low lather and it is a hard but very mild soap. Olive oil soap prevents the loss of the skin's moisture and attracts external moisture to the skin. It is not greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin thus maintaining the skin's moisture.

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Moisturizing Olive Oil Soap Recipes

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