Olive Oil Is a Valuable Kitchen Staple

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Every home cook has her (or his) favorite ingredients they turn to for nearly every meal they prepare for their family. These items are kept on hand to add into many of the dishes they prepare for the family and guest diners all year round. Among the most popular are the stove side favorites like cooking oil, olive oil, flour, salt, and course ground black pepper. Additionally many cooks keep various spices nearby such as red pepper flakes, dried oregano, dried basil, cumin, coriander, marjoram, cayenne pepper, parsley flakes, Italian seasoning, and cinnamon. That's not a complete list and it will vary by what that cook commonly makes for meals but they are considered the "staples" of most kitchens.

Add in some truffle oil and you become a gourmet chef!

Olive oil is one of the most popular oils for cooking as it imparts an excellent flavoring that vegetable oil just cannot match. Add some truffles or truffle oil into that olive oil and you get into gourmet chef's territory! The earthy savory addition of truffles turns common dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, broiled steaks, deep fried chicken, and even hamburger patties into delightful meals that will make your dinner guests applaud your epicurean talents. Cooking is truly an art and those who love to serve great meals to family and friends deserve to be rewarded by high praise.

Truffle oil adds that touch of class and gourmet quality

Truffles are found growing in certain parts of this planet and are usually found beneath the ground so must be searched for carefully. One rather primitive method of finding truffles is by using hogs which are trained to seek out the intense smelling delights which they would gobble up themselves if not for a "muzzle" that is placed over their mouth. They are rewarded for their labors and talent but not with truffles. Truffles are extremely valuable and while they are plentiful during certain times of the year, they are well worth handling with special care. Restaurants demand high quality in their truffle orders because of the cost. A tiny amount of truffle solid is used to infuse good quality oil, usually olive oil. This can then be lightly sprinkled or drizzled atop many dishes including salads, entrees, and even desserts. The only thing truffle oil is not recommended for is the actual cooking process because heat tends to alter the flavor, making it bitter and less pleasantly scented.

Home cooks appreciate truffle oil as a gourmet ingredient

Some truffle oils are synthetic and may not even contain any actual truffle as an ingredient so beware of the wording when you purchase. If the label states Truffle Aroma or Truffle Essence it is most likely a synthetic and that is not necessarily a negative because many can compare favorably with the real thing and should cost a whole lot less. For an exciting addition to any weeknight meal, add some truffle oil and see who among your dinner guests also appreciates this "guilty pleasure".

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Olive Oil Is a Valuable Kitchen Staple

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This article was published on 2012/03/07