The Many Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil surprisingly is one of the most nutritious products that you can use. I had done some research in the past but I was pleasantly amazed as I began to do some of the research necessary to write this article. It would benefit you well to keep this product on hand and use it on a regular basis. The best olive oil to use is the pure virgin olive oil. This olive oil has not been processed and will contain most of the nutrients present in nature. This is the closest that you will get to eating raw olives. Olive oil itself is the easiest vegetable oil to extract and use because it doesn’t need a lot of processing for consumption.

Olive oil needs to be stored in a cool dark place in order for it to best maintain its freshness. Heat and light are not good for any oil based product. When you purchase the pure virgin oil remember that it doesn’t have any chemical additives to make it last. If you store it correctly and utilize it as you should you won’t have to ever worry about issues with freshness.

Probably the greatest benefit of pure olive oil is the fact that that it contains only monounsaturated fat. For all of us who are not nutrition geeks this means that it is full of nothing but the good stuff. Monounsaturated fats are beneficial to the body in so many ways that it will not be possible to get into deep detail in the space of this article. Keep in mind that olives and olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet and is consumed in large quantities by the people of that region from childhood. There are no links to olive oil and health risks whatsoever in those countries.

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidant compounds. For those of you who are not familiar with that term it means anti ageing compounds. Antioxidants fight the free radicals which damage cells and cause the body to age. They effectively remove them from the cells before they can cause harm. This in turn perpetuates the life cycle.

Olive oil also helps to reduce the bad cholesterols found in the body and raises the level of good cholesterol. This is essential in protecting the human heart against disease. The chemical compound present in olive oil which helps perform this function is oleic acid.

Consuming olive oil is also beneficial in that it protects the stomach from the effects of gastritis and the acidity which causes ulcers. It also aids the body in the secretion of bile which is necessary to body function and pancreatic hormones. Thus it helps to reduce the formation of gallstones.

Studies in rats have actually shown that olive oil effectively helps to prevent colon cancer. Of course these studies have not been done in humans but the fact that the use of olive oil is beneficial in rats definitely has positive implications for human beings.

This natural oil product is one of the many essential oils that we offer and is also useful in applications on the hair and skin. I would also highly recommend that you use this oil as cooking oil. The health benefits are just too many to ignore. I use it on a regular basis and I recommend that you add it to your repertoire if you don’t use it already. This is one one those products that you can’t go wrong with if you use it daily. You can also ingest a small amount of olive oil each day as an added health bonus. Fragrance Oil Express

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The Many Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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This article was published on 2010/08/06