What You Should Know About Olive Oil Facial Cleansers

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Olive oil facial cleansers are not new. They have simply been reintroduced. Some of us are fed up with what the cosmetic companies have been throwing at us for decades. We are ready to go back to nature. If that's something that you're interested in, let me tell you about a few skincare products to look for.

Castile Soap
Most soap is made using tallow or animal fat. Ivory soap, for example, is made from sodium tallowate, a mixture of lye and animal fat. Although it is renowned for its purity, many of us find the use of animal fat unappealing.

The introduction of Ivory soap was geared towards people that could not afford the more expensive castile soap, which was the first olive oil facial cleanser. By mixing plant ashes with olive oil, instead of tallow, and adding salt water, any impurities settle to the bottom, while the soap rises to the top.

Today's versions are even milder than the original recipe. The bars clean without drying. Some companies add rose petals or other essential oils to make a fragrant soap for bath or shower.

Grape Seed Oil
Regardless of how mild a soap is, it will still dry out your skin, to a certain extent. Today, we face even greater hurdles than people did years ago. It's a wonder that anyone does not suffer from excessively dry skin.

One of the major culprits is chlorinated tap water. It strips the skin of its natural oils. So, even if we use the gentlest olive oil facial cleansers, we must follow up with a moisturizer.

Grape seed oil is one of the best moisturizers, because of its unique filming ability. It is quickly and readily absorbed, but leaves and invisible "shield" that helps to lock moisture in and keep out dirt and grime. It is also rich in antioxidants, which counter one of the causes of skin aging. That is free radical damage.

Kaolin & Bentone Gel
Dermatologists say that we tend to over-clean our faces. They say that plain water and a clean cloth is enough to get rid of daily dust and grime.

Many sources suggest the regular use of exfoliants and scrubs, but those cause irritation and underlying inflammation, which can eventually damage the collagen fibers. That would be another cause of skin aging.
Using an olive oil facial cleanser is a gentler solution, but many of us still feel that we need some extra help. That's where kaolin and bentone gel come in.

There are some wonderful deep cleansing masks that absorb excessive oils, pull dirt out and minimize pore size. The active ingredients in those masks are kaolin and bentone gel. Derived from clay, they are some of the most natural cleansing agents available.

Most cosmetic companies would have us buying dozens of different products, including an exfoliant, an astringent and a toner. All that we really need are olive oil facial cleansers, a good moisturizer and maybe a deep cleansing mask. Those other products probably do more harm than good.

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What You Should Know About Olive Oil Facial Cleansers

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This article was published on 2010/03/30